Monday, June 9, 2014

Argentina: Week 41


I realized after the fact that I wrote familia instead of family so you will just have to begin now in understanding that English is pretty hard for me. Not really hard, but I have a ton of Spanish words that just creep their way into my language. I´m normally pretty good when I´m writing, because I notice and can change it but speaking not so much.

SOOOOO I am doing fantastic. I have had a pretty rough week, but that is mainly trying to adapt to different circumstances and accept the will of the Lord. That is what I have been focusing on this week. I have been trying to figure out the will of the Lord, but more important, having complete faith in that will. Have faith that it will be for my benefit even if it is not what I want to happen. I may have an idea of what I think is best, but the only think I can do is serve others and accept the things I can’t change.

 I feel like for the first time in my mission I am actually learning to consistently lose myself in the work. I have been focusing my thoughts on what I want my desires to be, and understand that Heavenly Father is always by my side, even when I´m being a punk.

I have learned that communication with those around you and especially the expression of love, is key in having a strong relationship. I feel like one of the reasons I have such a low self-esteem is because I haven’t focused my life on loving others and serving them. When we give more love we receive it, and I have grown to understand that that is who I want to be, a servant of the Lord who helps His children feel they are loved. I feel like sometimes we aren’t sure how to serve others, but as we pray for the opportunities and look for them during the day, we will see that God can use us more and there are more of His children looking for the relief that we bring. I thank you all so much for being a part of my life. I´m so sorry that for many of you I didn’t make you more of a priority. I can’t say that I will come back and all the sudden be able to serve everyone that is a part of my life, but I will sincerely try. If you need help, know that there are people willing to help you. There are people around you that could benefit from serving you. I love you all so very very much. Thank you for supporting me and being strong members of the gospel. If you aren’t attending church: GO TO CHURCH!!! That is the place to find happiness!!!! But seriously, I am a living testimony of that. The gospel is the way to be happy.

Hermana Allen

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