Monday, June 9, 2014

Argentina: Week 37

I am filled with so many emotions. The end of this week is transfers and in two weeks I will be able to call home for mother’s day! I am incredibly excited for changes, but also nervous for whom my new companion will be. This week has been pretty interesting.

First of all, our district leader went to bed before he told the zone leaders that everyone was in their apartment safely. His phone was on silent and so he didn’t answer any of their calls. We went over to their apartment and rang the doorbell a billion times and banged on the door to no avail. We were so worried and the other Elders walked to their area which is like 4 miles away in the dark at like 11 o'clock. The mission president was on the phone with salt lake because no one knew what happened. I realized for the first time that there are many people that I love that it would break my heart if I couldn’t see them again. I was more upset about the fact that missionaries could disappear than anything else. We were up until the elders broke into their apartment, just to find them sleeping. That was about at 1 am, and we were all pretty peeved. Our district leader thought that the elder breaking in was a robber and said that he yelled at him "I see you, don’t rob me!" but in Spanish (even though he is gringo). :) That is our exciting thing for this week and I can’t really think about anything else that I wanted to tell you all.  I LOVE YOU!!! By the way, the picture is from our celebration of Pascua (Easter). We decorated eggs.

Hermana Allen

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