Saturday, November 5, 2011

Youtube Videos

I keep thinking how no one ever knows what I'm talking about except for two of my sisters and you know why that is? People dont watch enough youtube videos! First off, if you do not watch Kid History, START! It is amazing, funny, and appropriate. Here is the first episode: 

 Also, if you didnt know, they have started doing "remixes" so you need to watch the one they have done FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!!! (plus I quote it all the time) 

I also just got started watching "bad lip reading" videos because my amazing manager showed me the one to Friday by Rebecca Black : 

Seriously, watch it.  I was also going to talk today what a discussion my sister and I were having last Saturday. People have told her this is weird but if you hate a song and you cant change the channel, why not just sing the whole song to make the song go by faster? It always seems that the songs you hate, you know EVERY word to so why not jam out? Anyway, I wanted to give a shoutout to my sisters. All of my sisters are pretty amazing and SOOOOO different. Tyrie is so responsible, strong and pretty much good at everything she does. Thacia is stubborn (which can be good and bad), loyal, fun, funny and energetic. I have loved writing her on her mission and helping her get through everything she has to go through. Lindy is pretty much the only person I hang out with and I feel like she is the perfect mixture of Thacia and I. Sometimes we have our bad moments but for the most part we joke around and have fun in only ways that we can. Stella is so loving and generous. Mamie gives compliments to anyone and everyone around her, making them feel special. She is also very empathetic. Miranda is incredibly loyal and loves her fashion. She is incredibly positive for what she has been through, and I look up to her for her courage. Ashtyn is the baby of the family for those who dont know and she tries so hard. She looks up to all of us and is gradually learning about herself. She is a super cute girl that is social and loving. If only she would listen to my fashion sense. Now the most important person in my life is my mom. She is the most amazing person I know and I dont care who says their mom is awesome, my mom knows more. She is super smart and right about everything. I dont know what I would do if I could never see her again. I may not tell her but her opinion is really all that matters to me and I could never even consider a guy she didnt approve.