Monday, June 9, 2014

Argentina: Week 34

I really just want to share today how important prayer is. I understand that people generally understand that prayer helps us, but this past week and the past transfer I came to realize that my personal prayers weren’t really personal. I think I already told you all a little about this but I have learned more and want to share specifically about taking time during the day to vocally pray and spend quality time with Heavenly Father. I have seen a lot of changes in myself in the mission, but I never thought that my prayers would be the best part of my day. Maybe you all are a lot more on top of things that I am but what I learned recently is that Heavenly Father bears our burdens as we go to Him in sincere prayer with the necessity to change and the desire to do so. More than all of that, we need to take time with Him. Tell Him or troubles and look for the good. I recently made a list of all the struggles I have had in the mission and all the blessings as well. I thought that for sure my struggles would have been a lot longer than my blessings but it wasn’t. My blessings list was a lot longer and also each individual blessing meant more to me than any hardship I could have experienced.

Love you all so much.

Hermana Allen

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