Friday, October 28, 2011


I want to start off by saying how incredibly grateful I am for the people that I have in my life. For one, the people I work with at Downeast are incredible. I was throwing up all last night and today and they were so understanding. Even though Emily and Lexi worked already, they figured out a way for me not to come in and I dont think they understand how grateful I am for them. I also am blessed to have worthy priesthood holders in my life that are willing to come give me a blessing when I need it. I love my step-dad, Don, because he is one of those worthy priesthood holders that has always been there when I needed him. I love my sisters because very few people understand me and it is nice to have them in my life. I got a letter from Thacia today (she is on her mission in Salt Lake City) and she said that it is nice to read letters from Lindy and I because no one on her mission thinks like we do so they cant make her laugh. I just feel so blessed to have an amazing family, a job I love, the true gospel in my life, and opportunities to serve others.