Monday, June 9, 2014

Argentina: Week 35

So bueno. First of all, I wasn’t on yesterday because we had super bad weather and we didn’t leave the pension. This last week has been on and off electricity and water because the weather has been constant rain and some storms. Neuquen is not ready for storms or any type of natural disaster, so a lot of people are suffering because the water leaks into their houses. Saturday we went early to see the women’s session of conference but the satellite didn’t work out so we went to another chapel that was farther away. We watched the two sessions (I got to watch it in English!) and then went home. Sunday there were no buses running so we had to take a taxi. The first session worked more or less but they didn’t have an English room in this chapel so I had to watch it in Spanish. While I understood it all, I struggled taking notes or feeling the spirit because my mind wanders so much when someone is speaking Spanish for so long. The second Sunday session didn’t work at all and I don’t know if I will ever get the chance to watch it. It doesn’t come to us in English so I might have to wait until the end of my mission to actually watch it and read it.

This week I have considered a lot about the small tender mercies of the Lord. Really they are everywhere and I think the natural man would have us ignore these miracles in our lives. Honestly pride is our natural response and I realize how damaging it can be. Who cares if the other person doesn’t want what we have to offer? It may help them and be teachings that come from experience but if they don’t want to accept it, what are we to do? Our prideful side would love to be irritated and offended that we are giving them a better path and they don’t want it, but the Christ-like side would have us pray for them and love them even more for how much more they will suffer for the decision that they are making. I found it touching how much the prophets and apostles talked about or mentioned love. We could all honestly use more love in our lives, so we should begin loving others more. It is so much easier to love someone who already shows you love. That is what I have learned this past weekend. That I need to be more loving to everyone and help them feel needed.

I will have to tell you a funny story next week. Love you ALL!!!! Honestly, you don’t understand how grateful I am for your support, and your letters.

Hermana Allen

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