Sunday, March 23, 2014

Argentina: Week 32

Bueno, so this week is hands down the craziest week I have ever had.

Tuesday: I erased every photo I have ever had from my mission from my memory card on accident and had a little bit of a breakdown.

Wednesday: We worked like crazy and went to see Maria in the afternoon and ended up putting a baptismal date for Saturday (the fifteenth). From there we started calling people like crazy to arrange an interview and let the members know.

Thursday: We ran around all day trying to let people know about the baptism and then we received a call in the afternoon saying that my companion was leaving in a few hours to handle her visa stuff in Bariloche (6 hour bus ride) so she wasn’t going to come back until Friday night. We also had a clogged toilet from that morning so our apartment stunk really bad. This was also my year mark and we had made a legit cheesecake for the occasion. It was exciting and I am glad that Walmart is in my area.

Friday: I was with the sister training leaders (which one of them just so happened to be my first companion here) and we had a zone training and then I had to find a companion to stay with me because Maria was going to have her interview and the sister training leaders had a ton of appointments. I ran around with my head chopped off trying to get everything done before it was time to go get my companion at the station.

Saturday: We went to clean and fill the font but Argentina is a little/really ghetto and the machine to drain the water didn’t work so the young women started to use cups and buckets and ended up cleaning it for us. Then we left it filling up with the Elders who called us later and told us the chapel had ran out of water. We went a couple hours later to try to fill it up more with just cold water at least and it stopped again. I stepped in the water and it barely reached to the bottom of my knee. There was one more spout that still had running water so we were filling it up bucket by bucket. We started super late but the important thing is that she got baptized and all went well, even though during the service my companion and I kept running in and out to try to dump the water in the font and let another bucket fill up.

So I had a bunch of adventures this week. We also found out that we have a new apartment to live in and we will be moving sometime this week. We also have transfers coming up this Saturday, and I think (unfortunately) that I am leaving. I really hope that I am wrong, but I will accept the will of the Lord.

Hermana Allen

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