Sunday, March 23, 2014

Argentina: Week 31

I wish that I could send you all a video that I made. I am super funny, but you will all just have to see it after my mission. Speaking of that, I am coming up on my year mark (it is this week) and I actually cried because the thought of not being a missionary and doing this work all the time breaks my heart. It became more real just how close I am to ending because all the deadlines for school I believe are coming up so I need to start deciding what I´m going to do. I was praying about that and I felt peace about going to either BYU or BYU-I. I was hoping Heavenly Father would be more controlling over that decision because I don’t really want to choose. What He did answer was something I have been trying to figure out for forever. As I was reading my patriarchal blessing I understood a part that I hadn’t before, and I now understand what I want to study and how I can do everything I want to. I am going to teach religion classes in some form or another. I would like to do so at a university but I´m ok with in any form. That was one of the things I would miss the most about my mission. I love teaching the gospel more than I love anything else and it is something I am good at.

I am on top of the world at the moment. I have never had so much joy. Our investigators are progressing and we might have found an apartment in our area! My companion is the most amazing person. I have awesome members and I am getting better every day and doing the work of the Lord. I have so much to improve! It is fantastic to see that you have so much potential to progress. I still have no idea how I will handle life after my mission, but I will go and do what the Lord wants because His plan is ALWAYS better and more fantastic than my own. :D

To finish this letter I want to share what I learned this past week from reading the New Testament. We can’t focus too much on the law and forgetting what is really important: our character. Our characters are really the reason we are here on this earth. You all should read this talk: The Transforming Power of Faith and Character by Elder Scott. It is so beautiful and taught me a ton. Love you all!!!

Funny quotes from this week:

Hermana Christiansen: "If I get arrested here do I have the right to remain silent? It´s always been a comfort that if I get arrested I can remain silent, but I don’t know if I have that here."

Hermana Allen

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