Sunday, March 23, 2014

Argentina: Week 26

Adorable little girl who reminds Hermana of her niece.
Happy Hour in Confluencia
My shoes are dying.

This week has been amazing! We have seen so many miracles and we had an investigator at church! Transfers are coming so I may or may not leave. I really hope I stay because I have worked so hard in this area and we are just starting to see the fruits of our efforts. I also love being with Hermana Christiansen so I am good where we are.

I think I have mentioned before that in our area there is a good portion that are gypsies and recently we have had so many experiences with them. For one, because they are car dealers and that is their career, they park and drive ten times better than anyone I have ever known. We pass this one family all the time and the creepy mom asked us to come iron her clothes the next day because for some reason she can’t do it. We went and in their front room they had 5 cars parked strategically to fit all of them and still have walking space. Seriously, it was amazing and then as we were ironing, this 7 year old kid starts to drive one of the cars out of his house and it was one of the cars that was parked at an angle to fit all of the cars. It still blows my mind that he drives better than I do. I´m not really sure what else to say. I wish I could send you all pictures but none of the other cameras read my card super well. Anyway I love you all so much! By the way I have been converted to hwanting to have a moto because everyone and their mother has one here. At first I was thrown off by the fact that they would take their 2 and 3 sets of kids with them including babies but now I´m like, of course a moto is a family vehicle. :D Love you!

Hermana Allen

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