Sunday, March 23, 2014

Argentina: Week 27

The gorgeous sky in Argentina!
Hermana Christiansen and I!
Transfers happened and I´m staying with my companion in the same ward! Our area is changing though because we have been working in a super tiny area for 4 weeks. I´m so relieved because I need need need need change. I found that I don’t actually like things staying the same but I also don’t like the thought of not knowing what will happen. Now I have the change with the knowing everything too! The Lord is so merciful! A couple things have happened that I want to share. First, I have now tried octopus tentacles. They didn’t taste too bad but it was a disgusting texture.

Funny story: we were knocking doors yesterday and at this one door some yelled "quien es?" (who is it?) and I responded "las misioneras". After a little bit he yelled "hay voy" (I´m coming). He answered the door and was only in a speedo and was like "no, no. (rapido gibberish under his breath), no, ugh, no gracias!" and slammed the door. My companion thought he was naked because she didn’t see the speedo. HAHAHAHAHAH. An extremely awkward moment. I wish I could properly convey it.

The other story has more to do with how I feel like I´m changing. We went to visit one of the less active families in our ward and after talking with them their non-member friend said I was simpática which has a couple different definitions (all good) but the only that I can mainly remember is charming. I was thinking about my personality and the relationship I have with the members and I realized how grateful and glad I am that Heavenly Father has given me the talents and personality traits that He has. I have so much to improve but I´m happy with the way I am changing and growing. I know that it is what Heavenly Father wants. I´m planning for who I´m becoming and I know that I´m in control of me.

Miracle: We had an investigator that was part of the area that went to a different ward a couple weeks ago. We lost contact with him because we had stopped by before the change and he was never there and the person that was taking care of their house said he didn’t live there anymore.(We just found out the changes of our area yesterday btw.) We just saw him in the ciber as we were emailing and found out that he moved to the new boundaries of our area! The Lord is giving us so many miracles!

Anyway I love you all! Thank you for your emails and your support!

Hermana Allen

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