Monday, January 27, 2014

Argentina: Week 25

The reason I´m writing so late is because we now have to go one at a time on the computers and so it takes twice as long and I let my companion go first. This week has been good. They changed our schedule in the mission to study during the ciesta time here and I have found it to be especially difficult. Having personal study after lunch is sooooo hard. I focus more on staying awake than learning anything. Someday my body will completely adjust, though and I will continue learning like before. My favorite days now are pday and planning because I can study in the morning. I´m pretty excited to share what I learned today. I was studying Alma 32 and passed verse 34. I didn’t understand the significance of having a perfect knowledge but having dormant faith. For me that just didn’t make sense but then in the BOM student study manual there was a part that said ¨simply knowing that something can help or harm us does us no good unless we act on that knowledge.¨ Therefore, when we come to understand a gospel principle is a good principle, we have to act on that knowledge we received or it does us no good. As I continued and pondered on what I was learning I learned more concerning knowledge and faith. This is what I wrote in my journal: We plant a seed to see if it is good and through our feelings we can have a perfect knowledge that it is a good seed. From that point our faith is dormant until we act on the knowledge of the gospel or anything further than it is a good seed. The people who do not nourish the tree do not receive the fruit thereof and eventually lose the tree (which is why there are so many less actives and people who don’t progress to baptism). We must focus on doing what is necessary to have the fruit because we want it (the prize is worth the work). The fruit may not come right away but it will come.

I´m sorry that my mission life isn’t super exciting. The only thing really funny that happened this week that I can remember is that I knocked on 9 doors asking to use the bathroom because I had to go so bad and they all said no or didn’t have a women so I couldn’t enter. That was fun. Love you all!  I hope you are enjoying your cold weather! I am going to come back as such a wimp. We were saying how perfect the weather was the other day and it was 92. Then there was a significant change one day and it dropped to 70 something. I was freezing!!!! My companion slept with a sleeping bag, but I was too lazy to take mine out of my compression sack. Chau!

Hermana Allen

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