Monday, January 27, 2014

Argentina: Week 20

 We cleaned the baptismal font with the elders.
A picture of Christ that an elder drew in the soot from our heater.

So this week has been so crazy! First of all the most recent things that are happening is that we just sang in the middle of the street as a missionary choir for some activity that I didn’t completely understand the point and there were minions there! One of the Hermanas took a photo of me with one of them but she isn’t here. I will try to get it from her sometime but you might just have to wait for that one until after my mission! Other thing: we haven’t worked for the past two days because the police went on strike asking to be paid more and so the people went a little crazy. It sounds a lot more exciting that it was, but still it happened.

I´m getting a long really well with my companion now and we are learning to work more in unison. We are trying to serve the members more so that we can work more as a team and they will be more willing to come with us to lessons but that is still in the process of changing for the better. I don’t remember anything else specific that I wanted to say except what I learned in my personal study this week.

I have no idea how many of you have read the talk by Elder Benson (or maybe just remember it) called Beware of Pride. It is honestly one of the best talks ever to help you realize what you need to change to be more happy and have better relationships with others. I learned that pretty much any sin that we ever commit is a type of pride. It is a part of human nature to be prideful which is why the natural man is an enemy to god (2 Nephi 2:27). The lord will have a humble people which is essentially why we are striving to be perfect because we are trying to be without pride. Seriously if you get the chance to read this talk do it because it will teach you so much! After reading it I realized how impatient and wrong I´ve been with many of my relationships with others.

Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALLL SO MUCH!!!! Thank you for supporting me in the amazing opportunity. Seriously, I love it here.

Hermana Allen

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