Monday, January 27, 2014

Argentina: Week 19

So first: sorry I didn’t send an email last week! I wasn’t in the best mood and thought it would be better to write every person back that had sent me an email. I am late at writing this week because yesterday we had interviews with President and p-day switched to today. So this week has been a little crazy. I was pretty excited about all the success that we were having the first week but this past week we weren’t getting anywhere or doing anything really. My companion and I were having problems and I can see that it interrupted the work. I didn’t know how we were going to get past the first fight we had because even though we had both said we were going to move past it, we didn’t and it just grew into something bigger. I lost all desire to work and we couldn’t get a hold of any of the investigators we had found the week before. All of these things is why I want to talk about the fact that any two people can work things out. It has to take a lot of effort and love and humility but it is possible. Satan will still tempt you to go back to the way you thought of that person before you worked things out, but you will make a conscious effort to think of the other person as an angel sent from God to help you be a better person. I noticed an immediate difference in the area once we had set things straight between us and I know that we are going to see the miracles of Heaven in this area. I was thinking about this week and about how I could have gotten to the point of working it out between us sooner and I realized I hadn’t focused a lot during my personal study. My study wasn’t as effective as it should have been and I that is the main thing I learned this week. If we do not any personal scripture/gospel study, we will fall. We will be prey to Satan and his attacks. Personal study is so important! Anyway, I love you all!!! Thank you for you support and love that you have shown me. I will be missing you during this Christmas season!

Hermana Allen

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