Monday, January 27, 2014

Argentina: Week 24

Our last time together in the chapel. Transfers are coming!

So changes! I´m not even sure where to begin. First, I was told that I was training a newbie and I was not really sure how to feel about it. I have been struggling so much lately with trying to push myself to work and be obedient but it just wasn’t happening. It is hard to stay obedient after having so many companions who don’t see value with the same importance. I was never really disobedient but I was far from being obedient with exactness. I kept seeing all the places where I had failing in training my other greenies and I just didn’t know how to be adequate to train again if she didn’t have the desires to work hard and be obedient. What I was praying for was a companion who came with the desire to convert the world and willing to work and sacrifice to do so. When we had the reunion the thought that I would get a gringa didn’t even cross my mind because while I can understand pretty much everything, there are moments when I just cannot understand for the life of me because of their accent or how fast they talk (there are some people who talk SUPER fast. They would put me to shame if we had a contest with me speaking my fastest in English). Anyway, to skip to who my companion is: a gringa that was waiting for her visa for 8 months in Idaho. Her name is Hermana Christiansen and she speak decent Spanish and understands more or less. She is exactly the companion I was praying for. She wants to be obedient with exactness and is super sweet.  I could not be more grateful to have Hermana Christiansen as my new companion. I was super nervous in the beginning only because I have always had someone that was better at Spanish than me and I could rely on them to understand what I didn’t. I was just scared of having that responsibility of being the one that needed to understand everything. I also thought that maybe I had lost Heavenly Father´s confidence to train because I had been told I was going to train a newbie. Ever since I got here I have always had companions that didn’t care if they were obedient with exactness. I have fought for 4 transfers to do my best to be obedient with exactness on my own. After fighting for so long I had slowly gone down-hill in my obedience with exactness and lost my desire to work because I wasn’t being super obedient. Having Hermana Christiansen as my companion was like waking up and being a new missionary again. She wants to be obedient with exactness too and she tries to be better every day. This area is going to have so much success. It is honestly dead right now because it has the feeling of laziness after so many years of disobedient Elders. I hadn’t realized how far I had fallen but I feel like I am starting over again. I love it so much. Heavenly Father knows our needs SO MUCH BETTER than we know our own. I feel so blessed and loved. Anyway, you all haven’t been writing me or getting on when I´m on. Por Favor, I may be reaching my year mark in a little bit, but that doesn’t mean I have suddenly lost the need of hearing from you all. Love you!!!

Hermana Allen

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