Monday, January 27, 2014

Argentina: Week 22

I made a cheesecake! Their cream cheese is like a mixture of cream cheese and sour cream so let's hope it's yummy!

Christmas morning opening my present from Hermana Llerena.

So there is a lot that I could tell you about what I learned this past week, but nothing compares to what I learned about how I feel about the sacrament. I have learned a lot about the importance of the sacrament and the importance of attending every single week. Yesterday the Elders asked us 15 minutes before sacrament started to pass by to pick up their recent convert because they couldn’t and even though we still weren’t at the chapel I felt that I couldn’t say no. We went to pick him up and ended up arriving at the chapel 20 minutes late. They were passing the water and my heart felt broken. To the members it wasn’t that big of a deal but for me it was something that I NEEDED. I couldn’t go through the week preaching the gospel without starting new with Heavenly Father. Elder Fulanich found a way for us to take it after church, but I will never forget how I felt. Heavenly Father taught me a lot in those moments that I thought I would have to go through one week without the Sacrament. Now, I can’t imagine ever missing one Sunday even if I'm sick. I think sometimes as members who have grown up in the church we forget how great of an opportunity it is to partake of the sacrament. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.

Now for something funny: I have mentioned that the ingredients in Argentina are super different than in the States, but there are more problems than just the ingredients when I want to cook something. Today I was trying to make the cheese cake and first of all the blender wouldn’t work so I had to do it by hand which wasn’t that big of a deal, but then the oven wouldn’t work. You have to light it by hand but it wouldn’t light. It was frustrating until I found out that if I held it a certain way it worked out. They don’t have graham crackers either so I had to use these things that they call vanilla cookies but they aren’t cookies as we know them. It was quite the adventure.

We were talking to the elders yesterday who were telling us that they haven’t had water for 5 days because the city is cutting the power and water by sections. My companion asked what they were washing themselves with, juice? It was re re chistoso. Anyway, love you all!

Hermana Allen

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