Sunday, November 3, 2013

Argentina: Week 12

An FHE activity that we did with Relief Society! We made casitas!

All the casitas! Everyone wanted me to write it so they are all in my hand writing!

Honestly I would rather not talk about this week, only for the reason that it was crazy and action packed and I learned a lot that I would rather share with you than crazy events. First of all, my companion is being transferred and is going to be a sister training leader! I am going to stay in Godoy and train a newbie as well as a visa waiter......trio! Yeah this transfer is crazy because we received 60 new missionaries! There are lots of trios because some of them are visa waiters so they are already trained. We will be receiving about the same, maybe more next transfer so the visa waiters are preparing to figure everything out here. It is going to take a while to get into the swing of things, but I trust the Lord knows best.

Here are some notes from things I have learned this week:

The Lord puts us through trials to bring us to an awakening of our pride and need for change.
Our eternal progression depends on how well we use our agency.
No person has the power to change another.
"Change comes from within as we are moved upon by the Holy Ghost. Others may motivate us to change, but the determination to change is generated by personal desire as we yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit."
The Lord cannot have weak servants to lead. I am in the refining process and I am being prepared, but only God knows how long I will be in the refining fire.

I hope you learned from conference and from what I learned this past week! I love the gospel! Chow!

Hermana Allen

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