Monday, November 18, 2013

Argentina: Week 17

Hermana Vernon and me! She is the coolest hermana and like my best friend. She bought me ice cream today for my birthday!

Trials are a common occurrence in life. Some are big and some are small, but they are always there. I wish I could properly convey to you all how much the Savior shows His love when He tries and tests us. Life seems like such a big deal, every little thing seems like a boulder pushing us down trying to bury us, but this life is so short and if we endure it well our reward is something that we cant actually comprehend.

"I have a perfect knowledge that God loves us. He is good; He is our Father, and He expects us to pray, and trust, and be believing, and not give up, and not panic, and not retreat, and not jump ship, when something doesn't seem to be going just right. We stay in, we keep working, we keep believing, keep trusting, following that same path. And we will live to fall in his arms and feel his embrace and hear him say ´I told you it´d be okay, I told you it´d be alright.'" -Elder Holland

Heavenly Father is acutely aware of what you are going through. I can say from experience that when everything seems to be crashing down, He is there to say I love you, just wait. Just hold on a little longer and you will understand. You are my child and I will always be here.

That is my favorite part about the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many wonderful parts of the gospel, but nothing compares to the knowledge and relationship I have with my Savior. I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week before Thanksgiving! I wont be celebrating it just like we didn't celebrate Halloween. It was awkward and sad, but what ya gonna do?

Hermana Allen

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