Sunday, November 3, 2013

Argentina: Week 14

New companions!
One is from Utah and the other Nicaragua.

So this week has been a little difficult. I have come to think of obedience as a top priority. It is the one thing to which all blessings are predicated and I have come to have a strong testimony of that. We are protected when we obey and we draw closer to the Lord. It is really hard when others don't see it the same way. I am thankfully not getting an attitude of resentment toward this trial, but I will not miss it in the slightest. Training is hard in a trio. I hope I am handling this in the way Heavenly Father wants me to. He knows so much more than I do and I don't know how much responsibility to take upon myself. At the moment I am just trying to do my best to be an example. I am glad that it is not part of my nature to follow other people.

Anyway, revelation story: Saturday my companions and I had been knocking this street for a good portion of the night and when we got home one of them asked why we don't pray about where we were going to knock. We decided to do that for the next day by praying for the inspiration and looking for a spot on the map that stood out to us. As we did so we all ended up with the same spot on the map. When we knocked the next day (mind you this was after a couple hours of knocking these streets) we came across this man who had read almost half the Book of Mormon. We have an appointment with him in an hour or so. This is the only time he could meet with us so hopefully everything works out and he is who has been prepared by the Lord for us to teach. I love you all! Thank you so much for your support and also for your letters/emails. They do mean a lot to have a knowledge of what is happening.

Hermana Allen

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