Sunday, October 6, 2013

Argentina: Week 11

An Argentine panaderia.

An alfajore which is Hermana's favorite factura because it has coconut.

I´m not too much into a sharing mood today. Transfers are coming up so this will be the last p-day I have with my district. This past week wasn’t my favorite and I struggled a lot. We have a lot of Evangelicals here who think that God is in every church and it doesn’t matter what you preach, just as long as you preach to come unto Christ. I´m not a fan of their beliefs, but it has helped me understand how Satan distorts the truth. Everything we believe, Satan has a counter part that somehow changes the pure truth or creates excuses for sin. It is devastating to see. This reminds me of a talk by Holland called "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence." It I have already suggested that you read it then sorry, but it is an amazing and powerful talk that can help anyone in any time of trial, I feel.

I truly love you all and thank you sincerely for your sacrifices and support. I was recently reminded of how amazing of an opportunity I have in order to serve a mission. I have a responsibility to do my best so that I can stand before the Lord at the last day and say I did my best. This life is so short, and I know some of you know that, but I would urge you to try to write it on your heart. Try to understand that all of the trials, tribulations, and difficulties are sacred. They are to help us grow and learn. I am reminded of that often when I feel like I´m drowning in the misuse of agency of others. It breaks my heart that they don’t want to work or change to be happier.

Anyway, I would like to ask you all to do me a favor. I would like to know your favorite part about the gospel, the part that gives you joy and fuels the fire of your soul. Please send me an email about it. My favorite part is first: the relationship that we can have with our Heavenly Father. When we understand more about His will and love, we grow closer to him. We also grow closer when we follow His commandments, and as members of the church we are capable of living a higher law and having a closer relationship than most. Please do not take offense if you are not one of our faith. I would ask that you pause and research why we make such a bold claim. This gospel is so much more than another church, or another way to believe. We have the truth, the authority, and the way to return to our Lord and Savior.

Love you!
Hermana Allen

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