Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Argentina: Week 44

So my sister stopped posting the last couple months of my mission, but I want you all to hear about those experience as well so I will put them up now :).

So I was considering what to write to reply specifically back to someone and realized that my reply would be something that could help everyone, so I am sending it to you all to ponder and learn from. I have pondered many times why missionaries attain a state of just being completely and utterly happy, you feel like you are literally a part of the angels in heaven and not an earthly being. We still have trials but it seems to be easier to handle them. Well lately we have been discussing on how to help the members to be more converted and we were discussing that they probably dont understand that the Lord requires us to put Him before everything, even our families (like Abraham sacrificing Isaac). Our families are a huge part of His plan so when it is within His plan, you are obviously putting the will of the Lord first according to what He would have you do with your family (in some instances not so much, such as spending family time camping when you should be at church, that isnt ok for Him). I hope I am making sense. Well, as I was pondering about the sacrifices Heavenly Father asks us to make, I realized that is the reason missionaries are happy. We are completely completing the law of sacrifice. We have sacrificed everything to come on a mission and when you hit the point where you actually deliver yourself to Him, you are celestially happy. It depends on the attitude you give as well because there are missionaries who with-hold part of the offering and therefore dont reach that same level of happiness, but I think this is an example of what we all want to achieve. We all want to be happy beyond imagination, and that comes from completely following the will of God. I would invite you all to consider what is something that you may be holding back as an offering? It could be pride, time, an attitude, etc. Even a missionary who is completely happy and content with how their life is, still has a ton to improve. There is always something that we can offer to Him and I invite you all to consider what you could offer to the Lord that you arent at the moment. There is a great change in our state of being as we grow closer to Him and follow Him more closely. I have been able to see that in myself and in our investigators.

This week Eduardo (our investigator who is living with a less active) is going to get married to Erica next month! He is definitely progressing and changing and it has been so great to see! Erica's dad is going to baptize him as well, so her whole family is in on it! That was a great change, but we will see what happens. I think he might struggle with some commandments that we havent taught him yet. :/ Pray for him! 

Transfers came this week and I am going to be in a trio. Hermana Albright and I are going to have a Peruvian companion so it will be interesting. Our pension doesnt really have room for a third person, so I wonder how that is going to work out, but I dont feel like I am staying for the whole transfer, but I'm ok with whatever Heavenly Father wants. Anyway, I love you all soooooo much!!! Please let me know how you are doing! Sometimes I dont have time to write you all back, but I really enjoy your letters! AND PICTURES!!! por favor, MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great summer while I suffer in the cold!! :D
Hermana Allen

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