Thursday, September 11, 2014

Change of Heart

So this week has been very event filled. It started out pretty rough and I think that it was mainly because of my attitude. I DID NOT want to be in a trio ever again after the first time, so finding out that it was going to happen again made me a little upset, but I was determined to accept the will of the Lord. As the week progressed, I learned to just turn to the Lord and only care what He thinks. I needed to be humble to receive counsel from Him, and focus on what He would have me be. When I begged Him to help our relationship, everything changed. We are doing great and we can work so much better than before. Our new companion has been in the mission for 7 months so she knows how to teach, and we are planning to always go on splits with members. Hermana Albright and I both know the area, so it is the perfect opportunity. I am so blessed. The Lord is so merciful and wonderful to teach us and perfect us every day. I love my mission more than ever before. I wish that I could share with you all just how great it is to feel like you can rise above anger and frustration. More than anything, I feel like Satan doesnt have power in my life. It is an amazing feeling that I wish for everyone, which makes me want to work even harder.
The activity that we had for flag day was great. Erica (the member that is living with our investigator) danced with her daughter (camila who is the most adorable little girl). They danced folklore which I think is the same in english. For folk music? You all understand me right? Ok, well it was great and I learned how to make a buttload of noodles. I wonder if they have the machines to do so in the states.  I would imagine so right? I want to do it so that it can be gluten free. I would buy one here and take it back, but the good ones weigh a TON so that wouldnt work out. Anyway, I love you all and hope that you are doing great as well. THANKS TO THOSE WHO SENT PICTURES!!!! I loved them. 

Les quiero un montón!!!
Hermana Allen

So this week I have considered what it really means to be born again of the spirit. I was reading this article Experiencing a Change of Heart in the Ensign and realized just how much I have changed on my mission. The way I lived my life before, I realized how much of my purpose I had lost in the rush of everyday life. The purpose we are here is to complete the work of God. We focus on His will and keeping His commandments, and everything else that we need to do in order to live, will work itself out. I firmly believe that if we want to keep the sabbath day holy, he will provide a way to help us do so. We just need to have the faith and not doubt that He will provide the way. All the things that we do should be focused on God's purpose and then the things of the world come next. When we change our attitudes to be like this, we find happiness that never ends. It seems so simple to me now, which makes me continually think why I didnt realize it before. I am so incredibly grateful to understand the plan of Heavenly Father and be able to help others. I finally understand what the prophets were talking about when they said that we should focus of the simple things of life.
As the members have been coming out with us, they have had more desires to read their scriptures and learn the things of God. If the spirit is what helps us to have our hearts turned to Him, then we need to ensure that everyday, we have a spiritual experience. Sometimes, that experience may just be looking down at your child and thanking Heavenly Father that He sent you such a gift. I now understand what the purpose of the mission is. I had never understood just how much God can change you when you give yourself to Him, but it is something amazing. 

This week we changed apartments and I realized the difference of the spirit that can dwell in a dirty home and a clean one. When we finally organized the new apartment, the spirit came back like a fireman hose. I am so grateful for His love and His gospel. I have been able to literally see the difference in the countenance of someone who suddenly begins to pray and read their scriptures when they are struggling. I also have seen the long term affects of not doing family home evening and daily scriptures/prayer, which helps me understand just how amazing the Lord is to give us servents to help us understand this. I hope everyone has an amazing week. 

MY FOURTH WAS GREAT!!! we all celebrated with our clothes. the jump drive is not working to send pictures so I will have to send them next week. I feel so tall next to my comps. It is pretty sad how tall I'm considered here. Anyway, I love you all!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

Hermana Allen

PS. world cup is crazy, but I'm starting to catch the fever of it.

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