Sunday, September 14, 2014

Transfered to Bariloche

BIG NEWS!!!! I´M BEING TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so excited. Eventhough I am going home in 6 weeks, I needed a change. Packing was ridiculous, but it will be so much easier when I leave a bunch of stuff behind :). ALSO I did red highlights in my hair! NEW NEW NEW!!!! The best news is that where I am being transfered to is the prettiest place in the mission!!! It has a ton of mountains and pretty tourist places to go! It is called Bariloche and it is the dream place for everyone to go in the mission. It is also super cold so that will be something that I´m not exactly prepared for, but that is okay because I´M LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My companions are staying together. 

My new companion is from Colombia I have heard, and she is SUPER short. I dont have much time because I need to do some other stuff but I love you all and thank you for your support!!! 

So I forgot to mention some of the things that I had wanted to say last week. You should know that my muscles in my legs are getting rock hard. I noticed my first couple days here what walking has done to me. I cant imagine at the end of this transfer because it is a ton of hills and slopes. We will be going hiking today so just wait for the photos next week! It has been pretty fickle weather this past week. Some days were super harsh and others were pretty. On Tuesday it was crazy and I actually thought that I might get frostbite because my feet were frozen and it hurt to walk. They were soaking wet and the member still came with us even though our appointment canceled! It was crazy and we felt super blessed.

The day that our feet were frozen we went to a member to dry our socks. My companion couldnt get her shoe off so the son of the member came in with the ax and said "let me know when you´ll allow me to chop it off." We pretty much died laughing. 

I have never suffered so much for the weather, but it is preparing me to enter winter in Idaho for sure. I will have a full year of cold weather! Anyway, I am learning a ton still. Specifically I have learned more about keeping the sabbath day holy and about if we are really repentant or if we are still in the repentance process. I also learned about the importance of learning by faith and searching for our own answers. That is why I want to invite you all to make the month of august a study of the sabbath day. Even if you think you know everything about the sabbath day, I encourage you to learn more. Look for talks and scriptures, focus each week on something else you can improve to sanctify the day of the lord a little bit more. I hadnt realized how important this day is to the lord, but more specifically how important it is to do what HE has planned. I hadnt realized that it is considered a sin to not attend church every week for the full three hours along with a bunch of other small details. 

I think the thing recently that I have found out is the importance to look for Heavenly Father. Look for ways to improve in everything because many times we sin in ignorance and those sins will still keep us from gaining the celestial kingdom. I love you all so much. I hope you can grow closer to Heavenly Father and keeping Him in our minds and hearts at all moments. Our lives should be focused on preparing ourselves to participate in the sacrament and strive to learn more and be better. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.
We had gnomes for investigators!

super pretty catholic church overlooking the lake in Bariloche

HAPPY KIDS DAY (it was yesterday- August 10)

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