Friday, September 12, 2014

Activities, food and world cup craziness

I wish I could properly communicate just how powerful prayer is to help us rely on the Lord and hand over our burdens. This week has been difficult, but the Lord is always there.

My boots are already breaking that I bought a couple months ago so I am hoping they last for two more months. 

I cut my hair (this time someone professional did it from the ward instead of me doing it myself). It looks cute, but pretty different. My curls are back. :)
We have an investigator who is amazing. After the first lesson we taught her she said that she kept repeating what we said over and over in her mind. She actually read the pamphlet we left her and we did a church tour to help her feel more comfortable. She didnt come to church because she was sick and she was a little scared as well. She is the girlfriend of a less active so we are hoping to try to help them both come back. We will see! 

I want to sincerely thank those who wrote me. It was an answer to my prayers today, and I love the pictures!! Keep them coming :)

I´m sorry I´m pretty boring today, but I dont really have a ton to say. Argentines have been crazy with the world cup, so if the united states wins their game as well this tuesday, I might have problems. They would be playing against eachother next time and these people are serious finatics. Love you all!!! 
You should all read this talk. I learned so much from it! sorry I dont have time! Be a Missionary All Your Life

The GORGEOUS sky in Neuquen

The world cup was super crazy. People were buying beer like crazy to celebrate, walking around with their kids. I have no idea how it was after they lost because I was not about to leave the apartment with the noise that they were making just to satisfy my curiosity. They sound happy and angry at the same time. It was not that great sounding, we heard a ton of ambulances too. We had an activity in the church for their patriots day. we made a ton of empenadas, which I know that mom would love to know how because she could make them so healthy :). The activity was a great success! There were more less active members than actives ones, which was great to see. They have this type of dance called folklore which made me want to watch zorro really bad. It was great, and I really want to learn how to dance now. That desire might leave once I get the chance, but watching it, makes me want to know how :)

Just so you all know, I feel like a giant here. Everyone is so much shorter than me, so that will be something super hard to get used to in the states, being the short or normal one. We have a less active who is super rude to me every time I go by. She confused me with my companion when my companion dropped cane on her. My companion told her that she should want a calling. Now she just says something rude about how big or fat I am, or how unloving I am. I am content, though, because it only matters what Heavenly Father thinks. I have learned a lot about relying on Him. I love this opportunity to grow! 

We moved this past week and in order to break our contract we had to pay 6,000 pesos. It was ridiculous how much money it was! The other pictures are of the night when argentina won the semi finals and we took a random pictures with some chicas. The other is for the fourth of july! could you tell by our clothing? The last is of the folklore dancing, and the other one is of us with the pretty decorated table for the activity. We made a type of cinnamon roll thing, and then we also had lunch together with all the missionaries. Be proud of me cuz I have learned to enjoy meat more or less :)

Anyway, I love you all!! I hope you continue to work hard and enjoy the heat because the cold is brutal. 

 Hermana Allen

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