Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MTC: Week 4

This week has been a roller coaster just like all the other weeks. It was so wonderful to have a break from the normal schedule for conference and be able to invite our "investigators" to hear the prophet speak. On Friday night I tried to go to sleep early which back fired because I didnt really sleep much the whole night. It was 76 degrees in our room and I was roasting. I would wake up because of that then would stay awake because someone was snoring. I was a little grouchy all morning and then when conference hit I realized how stupid I was being. I tried to stay awake for the whole thing but I missed a lot of Elder Eyring's talk. Never in my entire life have I tried to stay awake so hard. I took notes to help me but they make absolutely no sense. I can barely read my hand writing and the words dont add up to anything. One thing I wrote (just to give you an idea of what I mean) was "love everyone minister unto us." I have no idea what I was going for there so maybe you can help me out. Lack of sleep has slowly become less of a trial for me, which is nice. This last week during language study I was trying to stay awake during Tall (an online learning language program) and when I was done with an assessment I submitted it and looked over what was wrong and right. I only remember answering 4 of the 20 questions and 14 of all of them were rightly marked. It freaked me out a little that I couldnt consciously remember saying any of that stuff, reading the questions, or marking the answers.

After General Conference our devotional was actually a little fireside given by vocal point (a musical group from BYU). They sang come thou fount, elders of israel, where can I turn for peace, I need thee every hour, and my favorite: noyanna. Noyanna (not sure if that is how you spell it) is a song combined with come thou fount and some african words. The words translated into "are you going? are you going to heaven? we are on the path, are you coming with us?"

Everything has been going well and I have been trying to speak in spanish more. I am scared a little to be thrown in Argentina but I also am incredibly excited to learn more and be used more in the work of the Lord. Today we met with the Argentina Consulate and signed the papers necessary to obtain our visas. After this we only have to wait. Hopefully we will go on time but honestly I have no idea what is going to happen. I think I could get my visa on time but if not then I will most likely be temporarily reassigned to some place in the states. I really just want to go to Argentina to get used to their accent and start the work there, but if I need to be in another area I know that is where Heavenly Father wants me.

Funny things that happened this week?: Canada and I practiced door contacting with Hermano Clarke on the 4th and it went pretty well.  We did it with 3 or 4 "different" people so it was awesome practice. At one point the door contacting was hilarious because Canada said me gusto instaid of much gusto. Me gusto means I please myself. When he corrected her after (which he did in a super loving and friendly/gentle way) we started laughing like crazy. I finally stopped laughing and we were about to knock when Hermano Clarke storms out of the room abruptly which scared the crap out of me and I thought he was going to pretend to be a mean investigator but he only came out to ask us about our schedule for that day. I was laughing so hard out of partial fear and hilarity. I didnt explain it as well as I can in person but if we were in person you would be laughing it up.

Hermana Canada and I have been teaching our investigators about the plan of salvation. One of our investigators is David and we planned to do a 3D plan of salvation with him. We made little things that he could step on to represent each part of the plan of salvation. When he got to earth life we started throwing paper at him to represent his trials. He laughed with us as we threw paper at him (he threw it back playfully) and the lesson went really well. We teach our other investigator (Enrique) tonight and we are making a mini house out of cardboard and nail files (we couldnt find popsicle sticks) to represent the works we do in this life. It is not a perfect house on purpose so that when we talk about the atonement, it can fix all the mistakes me made in the house. Enrique works construction so we thought it would be a cute way to apply it to him. Both ideas were Hermana Canada's so I am grateful I have her as a companion. I am trying to be more creative as well but I have yet to come up with anything too crazy. I love missionary work and I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands. I love you all!! Write me people! 

Hermana Allen

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