Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MTC: Week 1

This first week has been absolutely phenomenal. I have learned about gifts that I didnt know I had and I have felt the spirit as my constant guide. My companion is absolutely amazing and I love her! That has been the biggest tender mercy Heavenly Father has given me. She is from Canada so I call her Hermana Canada. The first few days were pretty hard. Most people know I'm pretty hard on myself when it comes to learning so when I was first reviewing spanish I was struggling  with remembering it and I had a few breakdowns in those first few days. I feel better now and I love everyone in my district! The Hermanas found out all of the other Hermanas first names and it is really weird to think that that name is what everyone usually calls them. I have been struggling with music and movie quotes because I knew I quoted and sang a lot when it was applicable but now it isnt allowed and I catch myself doing it quite often. My spanish has been improving so much and I feel confident enough to carry on a conversation if I use all of my effort. We have class on the 5th floor so I have been getting even more exercise than the hour we have each day. The MTC is crazy full! There were tons of people speaking russian in the spanish building because they were leaving either today or yesterday morning. Before the MTC I was a little jealous that some people were learning Mandarin or Russian but I recognize that my insecurities would have been ten times higher if I were trying to learn anything else. Heavenly Father is awesome! If any of you ever get the chance to watch the talk given by Bednar called Character of Christ do it! It changed my life and made things that I had already known, clearer. I think I was a little naive before coming here thinking that it would somehow happen slower than it has but we taught our first "investigator" in spanish the third day we were here. We have taught him three four times and I think we are going to switch this week to a new investigator. It is hard not to get attached though, because you love them so much you dont want to not see them anymore. My english is getting crappier if you havent noticed. Switching back and forth from english to spanish is very different and I seem to lack my previous spelling ability.

We have some AMAZING teachers here. We have two helpers that come in all the time and then a constant teacher called Hermano Harris. He got off his mission 5 months ago and he served in Uraguay. Anyway, This is going to take me the longest to cover which is why I saved it for last. I love all the devotionals and spiritually uplifting seminars that we have. Everyday I learn something new and I feel Heavenly Fathers constant love for me. I have learned to pray in spanish quite fluently and I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity to spread the gospel. There are so many wonderful opportunities here to serve and grow. Our devotional yesterday, given by Scott D. Whiting, talked about the fact that the MTC is an incubator. We are in a controlled environment with perfect conditions to grow and learn. The whole thing was just amazing! Afterwards we talked about how ANY weakness you have will come out in the MTC no matter what, which explains why my knee has been given me a little trouble. It hurt a little yesterday, but not to the point where I couldnt walk without pain. Well my time is up and I dont know what anyone wants to know.

Hermana Allen

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