Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MTC: Week 2

Where to start?!
So the day after I sent that email I got some letters and it was exactly what I needed. I felt so loved. Just to remind everyone: I forgot to put my box # and my MTC address thing. My address is MTC Mailbox #40 and the next line is ARG-NEU 0423. I leave the MTC on April 23rd if my visa comes through but they have been having some problems with that so I doubt that will happen. Before I forget: Mom I need my waterbottle still. They gave me a container that filters water but it wont carry it (they say I CANNOT store water in there). I also need moleskin that I forgot to get from you, and no show socks! I need way more no show socks than I have and so I bought some nylon ones at the bookstore that I hate because they are a joke. Also: I forgot to pay tithing before I left! I havent had the chance to write anyone because we are only allowed to write letters on p-day and I have been trying to obey with exactness (SUPER HARD). I will write you today mom and either include the money for tithing or if you could just get it out of my account. So I know some people would like to donate to my mission but the bishop never told me how so Mom please ask the bishop how people donate to my mission fund.
I laughed at your email mom. The part where you were talking about having breakdowns when I get stressed: SO TRUE! I beat myself up alot when it comes to learning the language and teaching the gospel in that language. Heavenly Father has been putting me under a lot of pressure to help me grow and I can see a significant difference in myself and what I can handle. I have been reminded multiple times throughout the day that Heavenly Father is proud of me and what I am doing. This is where I'm supposed to be; my testimony has never been stronger and my conversion process is just that: a process. Our teachers are absolutely amazing and I'm so sad we dont get them for longer than 6 weeks. The first "investigator" we taught was named Hugo and we went through five lessons with him, but then he surprised us all and he turned out to be our teacher! That was a big surprise that we all enjoyed so now we have two teachers and a couple Zone Resource Teachers (ZRT) that help us a lot. I love being here and growing. I have learned about my talents and more about turning outward.
My companion and I are still really good together. We had a day last week where we were not on the same page and I couldnt figure out why. Neither of us could understand eachother and it just kept getting more and more frustrating as the day went on. That was one of the days I had a little breakdown because everything was so overwhelming. I didnt feel like I was progressing because everyone is learning what I already know and then I couldnt connect right with my companion. When I prayed that night I poured my heart out and for the first time listened to Heavenly Father with real intent. The second I climbed into bed after my prayer, the thought came to me that the only thing different we did that day was not wake up at 6 am to read scriptures together. I have been so blessed to receive revelation continually. We talked last week about the fact that every session in every single temple in the WORLD is praying for us. We have the prayers of millions and I do not look forward to the time when those prayers cease and I get released. I know there are many many many more trials to come that will put me through the fiery furnace but I'm beginning to appreciate those trials. I love doing HIS work and forgetting myself in the process. I love studying His gospel and strengthening my relationship with Him. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and has called me to invite others to come unto Christ and accept the love and blessings He wishes to bestow upon them.
The last thing I want to talk about is the biggest tender mercy I have received yet! I have to be quick because I am over my time but on P-days we get the chance to go do endowments at the Provo temple. Most people know how much I LOVE the temple and I have missed it so much since it have been a whole week since I had went last (this was last wednesday). As we were getting ready to go I couldnt find my temple recommend anywhere so I thought it was in my bag in our classroom (our classroom is on the fifth floor so it is the biggest PAIN to walk up those stairs all the time). We walked up the stairs and I still couldnt find my recommend which is when I prayed to be able to remember where I put it. When I finished praying I remembered that the last time I had it was when I switched bags with mom after we were done in the Salt Lake temple. I remembered distinctly that I thought I need to put my recommend somewhere so that I dont forget it but I didnt remember if I had done it or not. I had been looking forward to go to the temple ALL week so I tried to focus and think of where else it could be. I felt in my coat pocket and found it but I do not remember at all sticking it there. Even if I did, I know Heavenly Father was blessing me in that moment. I felt the spirit very prevelent in the temple that day and I am so grateful for that tender mercy. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Send me mail!!!! If you do not want to send me hand written please send me mail on dear elder. I dont have enough time to read email. My mailing address is updated on my blog: just click the picture that says "send me mail" and it will take you to the page that has everything. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!
Hermana Allen

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