Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nieces & Nephews

I wish I had taken pictures of Naarya in her swimsuit! She is honestly the most adorable two year old on the face of the planet. Swimming with her yesterday made me oddly aware of all the experiences I will miss with my other nieces and nephews. Thane will be a little over two years when I get back from my mission and Lily will be almost two years old. Tyrie will have another little girl soon and she will be a year and half, as will Stella's son that is due in January. Dont get me wrong, I'm excited to be serving, but I wish I could somehow experience both a mission and all my nieces and nephew's first year a half.
They are adorable, arent they? Anyway, this blog post is not just about my nieces and nephews, but also about the progress of getting ready for my mission. First of all, I still have no idea what I'm going to do until March (besides help my mom and prepare for my mission), so if anyone has ideas on making money for three months those suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Today I got my shots for my mission so my arm is super sore, and tomorrow I figure out my deferment for BYU-I. I will be getting an Idaho license soon, and my acceptance letter is written! The most exciting part, though, is I will be receiving my endowments sometime next week! I have an interview set up with the Bishop Sunday and he told me he was going to set one up with the Stake President then too. I really want to do it in the Salt Lake temple, but I'm not sure yet.

Just look at it! It is beautiful and holds so much history. I would also be able to see all the gorgeous Christmas lights.

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