Sunday, October 6, 2013

Argentina: Week 9

So.... I´M GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM!!! OH MY LANTA I´M SO EXCITED!!! She is super awesome too. The closer it gets to her baptism, the greater she is. Laura and Marcelo are going to be married on Friday and Laura is going to be baptized on Saturday! We had a lesson with them yesterday and Laura has so much faith. Marcelo is the one that we have been working with and trying to get him back on track. He has been less active for three years and he had gone down a very dark road for a long time. We are trying to help him re-establish his faith and he is doing pretty good so far. About a month ago he wasn’t reading or praying much. His answer to everything was pretty much mas or menos. My Spanish is coming along by the way. I still have moments where I don’t understand everything and their expressions in Spanish are so different. Here they say this phrase that is ¨no hay drama¨. That means there is no drama and my companion loves it. That phrase is easy for me to get down but others not so much.

I have some big news! Last Monday we found out some seriously big changes in this mission. Every missionary who is at all obedient knows that members at lessons are one of the most important things. This mission just made the rule that we need to have 4 citas (appointments) with members every day. We cannot count any lesson that is not taught with a member including less actives and recent converts. It was a pretty crazy week trying to change everything but it was good.

I also wanted to tell you all how they make salads here because they don’t have any dressings. They use mayo on everything! One of the little girls in our ward just squeezing the mayo, ketchup and mustard into her mouth during lunch. It is disgusting, but they seriously use it for everything. They have these giant bags that every family uses to put on their meat or their potatoes. Cualquier cosa. It is nasty BUT their salads are super delicious. I didn’t mean to go off on that super long side-track. They make salad here with lemon, oil and salt, and that is the dressing. It is actually really good and I know it doesn’t have as much calories as dressing. They don’t really eat things with tons of calories here. They don’t normally have desserts. Their type of dessert is an apple which we get at almost every single almuerzo. Also, they don’t really believe that much in toilet paper here. If you don’t have it for a while no big deal because every home has this butt flusher thing. The other day I was pretty excited that this family actually had toilet paper! It easily could have been the highlight of my day if teaching lessons didn’t give me so much joy.

Hermana Allen

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