Monday, August 26, 2013

Argentina: Week 3

So, wow. I wish I could properly convey how you have the chance to grow on a mission, but words do not sufficiently cover it. I finally understand just what had driven me all those years back to be determined that I would serve a mission and that is: any missionary can gain an understanding of just what Heavenly Father has planned for him/her. A mission puts you through the firey furnace in a way that no other experience possilby could. Their are other things that could happen that could potentially be just as hard on you in all the ways a mission is but I firmly believe that this is an errand of angels and He is qualifying us for His work. This week was one of those weeks were I feel like a completely different person. I think of the things I did before my mission and some of the decisions I made and it is hard to find that person in me anymore (thank goodness). I was more of a child than I thought and I´m still growing to be the woman that God see´s I could be. I still dont know how to be an example or a leader, which is something that He has told me I will be, but I trust that God sees a bigger picture than me. That is a grand lesson that I have learned this week. Every one of us has divinity and potential far beyond what we see with weak mortal eyes. He gives us trials and experiences to change us and make that choice to draw closer to Him. What an amazing gift! He trusts us with trials so that we may be humble to have Him change our heart. Everything comes back to choices and I feel so blessed that He allows me to make the choices that will make me happy.

Anyway, you are all probably wondering what is happening besides my newfound understanding so I will start with what happened right after I sent my email last week. Last monday we found out Hermana Pereira was leaving the next day (Tuesday in the morning) and so this whole week has been two new Gringa´s! Hermana Rayburn has been in Argentina 2 months and I have 3 weeks now so wooo! I understand a lot more than when I first got here, but I still have times when I dont really understand a word of a full conversation. It is also frustrating that even though I know I am congugating right and saying what I think is perfectly easy to understand, some people dont know what I´m saying to them and it is so irritating. I´m trying to be like, OK! all is well in Zion!, but sometimes I just want to talk in English to them and have them understand me. The language is slowly coming and I´m trying to build my vocab which is pretty hard, but Heavenly Father is helping me a ton.

Natalia didnt come to church yesterday because she was in Allen (which is a town not too far from my area, which is why everyone remembers my name :D ). She will come the next two weeks, though, so hopefully she will be baptized on Aug 24. We found a new family last night and taught the mom who seems so great. She was saying how she wanted to do this with her family, but it will be super hard for us to teach all of them because there is never a time when they are all around. Sunday we have a lesson scheduled because her husband will be there and atleast we can teach the both of them. This coming week should be pretty crazy in general because we have a ton of contacts that we scheduled times with to meet this week, so we will see what happens!

Also, I made cookies here with Marsha Mortenson´s recipe and because the ingredients are so different here they didnt really taste that great. It was pretty sad. My body is slowly starting to adjust to the food here. I still cant get over how expensive everything is, but what can I do? Anyway, I love you all so very very much! I hope all is well in the states. By the way mom: I just received your first DearElder that you sent me in the MTC. I got to read again about how one of your chickens died because of a poopy butt. I am going to send some letters today but they will be all in the same envelope because it costs so much. For a letter that doesnt really weigh that much costs over $3 in USA dollars. Talk about dumb. Anyway, LOVE YOU.

Hermana Allen

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