Monday, August 26, 2013

Argentina: Week 2

I´m not sure where to start. It seems so much longer than a week to review. First of all exciting news: WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH!!!! That was pretty exciting because she wants to change and church is the main way that shows they really mean it. I gave a talk along with my companions so it was nice to have control over what our investigator would hear. Her name is Natalia (fancy that huh?) and she has a little girl named Flopy (flow-pee) who is adorable along with a little baby. She is 22 which seems incredibly weird that she has a little girl that is five or so already and she is the same age as me. I´m also pleased to announce that we have a family we are teaching. The parents and brother of one of our investigators are interested so we are going to teach all of them which will be a little bit of a challenge because they dont really understand any of the scriptures.

I understand a lot more spanish than I did, but I still dont really understand much and that is frustrating.  

Even more frustrating than that is that my body is failing me and it makes me mad that I cant control how my body reacts. They also throw pills at everything to help it so I dont even know half the stuff in my body. I think about being here in Argentina and it all seems so surreal. Everything that I´ve ever wanted for my mission has come to pass, with the exception of baptisms. I´m in one of the most ghetto places with some of the most humble people. The members here understand that I dont understand the language and treat me a little like I´m their baby girl, which is weird. Many of the ladies in the Relief Society act like a mom to me and I´m not sure what screams that I need their tender loving care, but they have been more than willing to help me out with anything I need.

It is so different here than in the United States. The members feed us every single day for lunch (which has only been difficult with one meal -> they made sausage which tasted disgusting and I wanted to throw up) so it is nice not to worry about food like in Sinton. They also dont really pay attention to traffic laws or signs. Stop sign? peh, no need to pause. The area that I´m in doesnt really have nice houses at all and most of the roads arent paved. There are dogs galore and poop galore as well because most of those dogs dont have an owner. Every single car is stick shift and super old, and they also dont wave at one another if a person in walking and someone is driving by. That has taken getting some used to because I used to wave at every passing car until I found out it is more of a flirtation than a "I´m being nice". I was also kissed on the cheek for the first time by a guy who didnt know better because he was a contact and that was a weird experience. I wasnt sure how to stop it from happening. The food is my favorite part. Their snacks and their meals taste so good! Good thing I walk so much or else I would be gaining so much weight. Their expressions here are so very very different than the mexican spanish I was used to before my mission and in texas. Anyway, I love you all and thank you so much for the support you have given me. I love being here, even with the trials.

Hermana Allen

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