Monday, July 1, 2013

Texas: Week 8

I think to start off I'm going to talk about the miracles because I seem to have been complaining a lot and I'm sorry. This week hasnt been any less harder than others, but I'm starting to somewhat gain a perspective and rely more on the Atonement. I'm not sure how people do it who arent members. Reading the scriputers and studying so much, it baffles me how someone could deny the truth that seems to prevelant. Anyway, this past week we found three new investigators. We have only had a second lesson with one of them so we will see how the others go. Two were found before Sunday so we were expecting one of them to come and the other was going to be out of town, but the one who we thought would come didnt. That was a little upsetting but not as hard as it was to not have Roy come to church a couple weeks ago. We found Calistro Torres last wednesday and he is someone we arent completely sure about. He is 67 and the entire first lesson we gave he just talked about wanting to marry a good northern girl like us. It made us pretty uncomfortable, but we are going to try to continue teaching him and just always have someone with us no matter what. He doesnt talk about it as much when a member is there. He is the one we were expecting at church and he is also the one we had a second lesson with. We are not sure why he didnt come to church, but we are going to find out today. The other one we found before sunday is Victoria. She is in her early 20's and is actually the granddaughter of a member who just died last year. We taught her the plan of salvation and the spirit was strong and I know it brought peace. We are planning on teaching her tomorrow (tuesday) so we will see how everything goes. We have tried to keep in every day contact but she hasnt always texted us back so we will see what happens and if she is willing to act. The other investigator we found was Ashley. She is 19 and has three kids (3, 18 mo, and 5 mo). We taught her the Plan of Salvation as well because family is the most important thing to her and she had a friend (she considers him her brother) commit suicide three years ago and she wasnt sure where he was. Her 3 year old was pretty rowdy and he kept turning up the TV to watch the Incredibles. Every time she would turn it off, he turned it back on so I tried to distract him, which in turn distracted me, but if I wasnt completely entertaining him then he would go turn it up again. I forgot how much I like the Incredibles, which was another thing that distracted me (without me realizing it at moments) and then I wouldnt know what my companion had just said. The spirit was there, but it wasnt as strong as it could have been. We are seeing her again today, so pray that all goes well.
We are having a family history event this saturday that we are hoping turns out to be a big hit. We have put flyers in all of the libraries in our area and talked to everyone about it. It has actually been a wonderful thing to talk about because most people are comfortable in their own religion so they dont want to talk about it, but this way they can come to the church and  learn about something that is huge in our religion and is something they are interested in. We are hoping some people from the branch show up as well, but the Youth Temple Trip was rescheduled to be the same Saturday so we will see.
So my body has pretty much been failing me on my mission. My back problems are getting significantly worse and both knees are starting to hurt like crazy. My left foot, though, has been giving me the most trouble lately and I have no idea what is the cause. It hurts like I bruised something but I havent hit it and I have no idea what could have caused it. It hurts along the bone on the top of my foot all the way up to my lower shin. Sister Monsen has threatened to take me down multiple times because I wont go to the doctor even though it hurts so bad, so I havent really been showing her how much it hurts. I think it will get better with rest and ice. After elevating it all night it doesnt hurt too bad, so we will see.
Thank you everyone for your support and love! I hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DON!! I love you all like crazy and I pray for you all. Please dont forget about me! (and it would be wonderful if no one had more babies until I got back. Get pregnant all you want but wait for me to be there :D deal? ok!)
Hermana Allen

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