Monday, July 1, 2013

Texas: Week 6

I'm coming to you with not the greatest attitude but that is what I am working on now! I am really trying to focus on being more positive and not getting too irritated or put down by small things. I specifically need to work on not getting irritated at waiting for people. I should have known that that was going to be a huge thing with companions. Not everyone has the sense of urgency I feel. I know that if Heavenly Father were standing next to me I would feel ashamed at how frustrated I've been feeling. A lot of that specifically centers around this area and how hard it has been. We have been forced to go tracting and more than a few times I have realized how much I hate knocking doors. This one lady flipped out at us for opening her screen door to knock. Rude.
So I told you all about Roy last week and he has been doing pretty good. We taught him last monday and then we kept in contact with him everyday since. Because he does have a traveling job we can only see him on weekends so we had planned on meeting with him Saturday afternoon. That didnt work out because he had to stay in Houston an extra day but he still said he wanted to come to church. We did everything we possibly could to get him there (we even knocked on his windows at his house), but it turns out he went fishing until 8:30 am on Sunday in Corpus Cristi so he couldnt make it. I cannot adequately describe the disappointment you feel when that happens. I'm not really as excited about him as I had been, but I'm still hoping he recognizes this as the truth. We had another lesson with him last night and he got up multiple times during the lesson. He was also super distracted with the cars passing on the street so pretty much the spirit wasnt there as strong (which was also our fault) and we were there longer than we should have been to get through everything.
Roy wasnt the only one we were expecting at church. We found a lady by the name of Norma Garcez who has four young kids. She canceled on the two appointments we had set with her and she didnt come to church when she said she really wanted to (she supposedly sounded sincere, but with how things are turning out I'm not feeling too positive about that situation). I'm trying not to lose hope or spirit, but it is hard when you see person after person disappoint you or turn away. I'm feeling like it doesnt actually matter what I do because it doesnt seem to make a difference. I'm frustrated with everything right now and I miss my family so it is hard for me. I have no idea what to say or do anymore. I have no idea what questions to ask or how to address needs. The only strength I feel like I have is that I can talk to strangers. I'm going to officially drown when I get to Argentina.
We had a fireside with the members yesterday and I made cheesecake which everyone loved. We were hoping to help them get the chispa (spark) to do missionary work in ways that are possible for them but I have no idea how much it really helped. Anyway, I love you all!! I hope you are doing well with school and work and play. I tried to make this sound positive, sorry if it isnt the best :)
Hermana Allen

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