Monday, July 1, 2013

Texas: Week 7

I think I forgot to tell everyone last time how much I HATE HUMIDITY and hot weather. :D Texas is starting to warm up like crazy. The other day we walked for a couple hours and I had sweat POURING down my face. I dont know how people do it. Now that that is out of the way I can let you all know what happened this past week. Roy did not go to church and neither did Norma. We actually havent been in touch with Norma because something happened with her family. She was pretty cryptic and unresponsive in her texts so we have no idea what is going on. Roy was the only person we focused on this past week. Everything else we did was targeted towards finding. We havent found anyone to teach and Roy actually dropped us this last Saturday. We called him to keep up with that daily contact and when we finally got a hold of him he told us that it was moving too fast and pretty much he didnt want to do it on his own. If he wants to go to church he can go with his family. He told us that Friday when we were driving to Corpus to have exchanges with the sisters in Corpus, so we werent going to be in our area all of Saturday. We asked if we could talk to him saturday night and that is what we did. After we had exchanges we left early and met him at 8 at his house. We tried to get a member there, but everyone is busy (they usually are-> they all have jobs and families). My companion and I actually felt pretty happy after we talked with him because no matter what happened we knew we had done our best. I know he will be baptized some day but I dont think I will have a part in it.
Anyway, I have actually been neglecting telling you about some of the crazy experiences with my companion and I lately. I will work my way back in time and start out with what happened most recently. So on saturday when we got home from talking with Roy and the exchanges, we started unpacking. Sister Monsen and I had just shared my suitcase so we were seperating it. The thing is, Sister Monsen has a pretty bad cold and takes cough medicine like crazy. She had brought the Nyquil with us to Corpus, but I hadnt packed it super well and she hadnt closed it all the way. A combination of the two led to the ENTIRE bottle spilling all over a white towl. Before I actually opened my suitcase I could smell cherries and I was like what is she eating?! That is soo strong. Yeah, it was actually the cough syrup all over my bag. Thankfully nothing but my spanish book (which also fell in a puddle so it already had water damage. What is a little more syrup damage?) was hurt. The next crazy thing that happened before that was Sister Monsen locked us out of our bathroom in the middle of the night. I got up needing to pee REALLY bad (if you can hold it then why not wait until morning?) and found it to be locked and only a little hole to try and figure out how to open it. We went to a gas station and Sister Monsen actually opened it later that night, but I was a little peeved. It is funny now, but I lost a few hours of sleep because I was so awake, so at the time I was not a happy camper (something I'm working on). Before that incident we had actually locked ourselves out of the apartment about a week prior. We went to take out the recycling and I didnt know the door was locked locked and she left her keys in the house. Let me tell you, trying to knock doors when you are a missionary and need help: NOT GOOD. They dont want anything to do with you anyway and they dont realize that you have no phone and no way to figure out what to do. Good thing our neighbors kids actually answered the door. Naive kids are the best! Our neighbors drove us to the landlady who gave us a key. I sat (kindof) in a carseat the whole way there so she wouldnt have to take it out of her car. It was not very comfortable and I was on the side with childlock so I couldnt get out either. Bueno!
I will try to think of some other funny things that have happened, but in the meantime I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you for the letters and EVERYTHING you all do for me. It is the BEST!!! I show everyone pictures of my family so just so you all know: random strangers know you. :D
Hermana Allen

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