Saturday, May 25, 2013

Texas: Week 3

So this last week was crazier than normal. My companion went on a 3 day training (Tues-Thurs) in McAllen so I joined another companionship in Annaville. One of the girls was leaving on Friday to go home and I had the opportunity to learn a lot from her. One of the things that I learned was to listen closely to your dreams and the things you think of when you are asleep/just wake up because in those moments Heavenly Father speaks to you. If they are inappropriate things (like a song that is not spiritually uplifting) then that shows there is something you should change. It sounds dumb but it gets a little more complicated than that. I just want to give you the basics to help you understand my experience. I had two but one of them I dont want to jinx or be wrong about it happening so I will tell you the other one which doesnt make much sense. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of some things that I thought at the time were really important. I didnt have anything to write with so I made it a text in the phone and when I looked at it in the morning all it said was "talk at wedding or on bus." I'm not sure what I was going to do with that but it seemed really important during the night so if you have any ideas about what it means then let me know.
By the way, the man that was going to get baptized had some legal accusations to handle and he cant get baptized until his name is cleared. All of the new investigators we have found have not had a second appointment because something happens and as we kept trying they ended up being completely uninterested. It is sad to see someone that had an amazing spiritual experience deny what they felt and what they were coming to know was right. We did find two new investigators yesterday and the guy was actually really interested in why we say we are the only church with the proper authority. I hope that we do get the second appointment because their lives seem really crazy and I have found the longer you wait to have another spiritual experience, the longer satan has to work on that person and they havent been prepared for his attacks.
The week before last I met a Satanist. Let me just say: I did not realize how naive I was. I guess I knew that there were people like that but I never thought that I would meet one because I thought they were so rare. The funny thing is that the man I met is the brother of the Ward Mission Leader in my branch. Small world huh? Actually it is not that small of a world in Texas. Most people here know eachother because they never leave Texas.
I know that everyone is busy and life gets crazy but 1. you need to write me because I will soon leave the States and it will take me forever to get mail. 2. if you can find the january ensign in 2012 (I think?) then read the talk called Look Up. I cant remember who it is by but it is absolutely phenomenal! and 3. it is one of the hardest talks to obtain but if you can by any chance get the talk that Elder Holland gave in the MTC in 2009 called the Divine Companionship it will change your life.
BY THE WAY!!!!! READ THIS PART!!! I found out how you do pouch mail (this is mainly for Lindy because she asked me how to do it and I was like: I have no idea, but guess what "I dooo"). So how pouch mail works is you can only send one page at a time. You fold the paper into thirds, tape it shut (not on the sides), and write the address on the outside with a stamp. You can only send one page at a time that way so write really small and use big pages. I wonder if you could still use wrapping paper, Lindy? Anyway, for all of you who did not know how to send me mail when I am in Argentina then you do now (hopefully-> in spanish you say ojala which I only remember because I put it to a rap song). I love you all and I am sooooooooooooo grateful I had the opportunity to speak with my family for mothers day. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! I love you family!!!! I love you friends! 
Hermana Allen

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