Saturday, May 25, 2013

Texas: Week 2

This week has definitely been the most rewarding but also the most difficult. This area is large and we know there are tons of people prepared to receive our message, but we havent found many of those people yet. We found 4 new investigators this week and every single second lesson that we had set up fell through. They either were not home or something else came up. I am starting to get into the attitude that nothing we plan will work out because nothing has. Nothing. We feel like we should be a place very strongly and then nothing happens and after a while that feeling disappears when nothing significant happened. It has been so hard and I am more insecure about my spanish than ever. I had to translate for someone in church during one of the lessons and I'm not sure he got anything out of it. The lesson was on the priesthood and I had forgotten most of the vocab the second I walked in the door. I am struggling a lot and I would love to receive mail.

Love you guys.

Hermana Allen

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